[library-media] Re: library-media digest, Quotation lesson

Becky Hall beckyhall@rhsm.org
Mon, 16 Apr 2007 17:20:27 -0600

Quotation Lesson...

>I want to introduce my 4th and 5th grades to Quotation books. I go down to
> the public library and bring about 25 different quotation books back to
> school. That in itself is an education to see the many different, varied
> KINDS of quote books. With the 4th graders I use the books only. With the
> fifth graders I remind them of the books but then tell them about the
> internet quotation sites.
> I take the opportunity with this lesson to fine tune their knowledge of
> Microsoft Word while we are using the quote info. I also work on
> keyword searching on the internet, the use of an index in the books, how
> to reference web sites and books, how to download an image.
> With the 4th graders, I show them the varied forms of organization in the
> quotation books. Most have author and subject indexes. Some have them are
> in the front, some in the back. We talk about what an interesting quote 
> is.
> In their first week we go on the internet and find many varied famous
> women. They must find at least 3. They enter on an index card :
> the name
> birth and death dates
> reason for notoriety.
> The next week we use the cards and I either assign a woman or let them
> pick one. Now they must follow a set of directions using Microsoft Word.
> They have to put their name in one font, the woman's name in another,
> this and put that in parenthesis. It is quite an exercise in following
> directions.
> They open a document and write their name, the famous woman's name and
> find a quote(in the books) so they must copy it accurately! Then they go
> on to the internet(Google images) and find a picture. They must include
> the URL for the picture and reduce the URL to about 8pt. I do this so
> they are reminded once again that they must always include their sources.
> Below their quote they include the bibliographic info from the book they
> used. Their final product can be backed with construction paper and makes
> a fine bulletin board display for March- Women's History Month.
> Since our 5th graders study Am. history, I have done a similar assignment
> with the presidents. This time we use the internet almost exclusively,
> although I introduce the unit with the books once again.(I don't bother
> get the armloads of library books this time but just use those from our
> own library.) They are asked to find a thought provoking quotation from
> one of the presidents. They did not find an image this time but their
> posters included which # president and the years of presidency. The
> classroom teachers loved having a ready made bulletin board for which
> did NO work. I had the 5th graders print theirs in landscape so they had
> to figure out how to do that little feat. I also had them work on
> previewing their working before printing. It was a good lesson in
> reviewing a lot of little aspects of Word.
> I found that both activities gave me the opportunity to teach the
> usefulness of quotations books while touching on a lot of other
> skills.
> I  hope you can make use of this in your library.

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