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Although I do teach a structured library orientation for in-coming =
students each year, in general I believe it works best to teach information=
 literacy lessons as part of a teacher assigned project.  This project =
will be in the context of the subject curriculum and will, therefore, I =
have more validity than an isolated lesson.  These project related lessons =
will be developed or pulled out as a particular need arises and will =
probably emphasize only one or two of the research steps.  Hope this =

Layton High

>>> "htomlinson" <htomlinson@mountainvilleacademy.org> 03/22/07 2:26 PM =
Hello experienced librarians!

I'm a brand new librarian in a brand new K-8 school.  This year, I've =
focused mostly on cataloging, with short lessons or story times quickly =
thrown together the Friday (or Monday) before.  They have been pretty =
random and unorganized.

Any advice on how to organize my lessons for next year?  Have you found =
that it is easier to organize according to the library core, and use the =
grade level core as it fits?  Or, is it better to plan the year according =
to what each grade level is doing, and throw in the library curriculum as =
it fits? =20

Any ideas, advice, sample year plans, etc would be very helpful as I start =
thinking about next year. =20

Thank you!
Heather Tomlinson
Media Specialist
Mountainville Academy
Alpine, UT=20



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