[library-media] advice for a new librarian

htomlinson htomlinson@mountainvilleacademy.org
Thu, 22 Mar 2007 13:26:44 -0700

Hello experienced librarians!

I'm a brand new librarian in a brand new K-8 school.  This year, I've focused mostly on cataloging, with short lessons or story times quickly thrown together the Friday (or Monday) before.  They have been pretty random and unorganized.

Any advice on how to organize my lessons for next year?  Have you found that it is easier to organize according to the library core, and use the grade level core as it fits?  Or, is it better to plan the year according to what each grade level is doing, and throw in the library curriculum as it fits?  

Any ideas, advice, sample year plans, etc would be very helpful as I start thinking about next year.  

Thank you!
Heather Tomlinson
Media Specialist
Mountainville Academy
Alpine, UT