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Please say "thanks!" The 2007 Legislature voted to allocate $1=2E5
million in ONGOING money for school library books and electronic
resources=2E The language stipulates that the money is "supplementary,"
not "supplanting" any money you now receive for books and electronic
resources=2E It's in the law=2E The same formula used last year will
apply: one quarter of the money will be distributed equally as a base
to all public schools, including charter schools=2E The balance will be
distributed on a per pupil basis=2E

Generally, a great many people email, write, or telephone the
legislators to request funding=2E In contrast, very few take the time
to say thanks=2E Legislators have told me that they remember when
someone makes an effort to thank them=2E=20

Let's be "the group that thanks=2E" Compose your message, including how
you spent your money last year and what a difference it is making in
your school=2E I think it might be wise to emphasize how much having
ongoing, dependable money will mean to your library media program and
your students and teachers=2E=20

I'm sending the rosters with email addresses of both the Senate and
the House, so anyone who wishes to thank everyone can do so=2E I'm also
including the names of the Public Education Appropriations and the
Executive Appropriations Committees if you wish to target them=2E=20

I thank you for all your support in the past=2E I think "Ready, Set,
Go!" provided two, or was it three, email blitzes=2E I also appreciate
those who called, phoned, wrote opinion pieces and letters to the
editor, even when, like me, you weren't published=2E Thanks, too, to
those who enlisted  colleagues and friends beyond our membership and

We have more work to do=2E I hope you'll join me in the future=2E

Best wishes,=20

Dr=2E Sharyl G=2E Smith

Senate: http://www=2Eutahsenate=2Eorg/perl/spage/roster2007=2Epl

House: http://www=2Ele=2Estate=2Eut=2Eus/house/members2005/membertable1ad=

Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee and Executive