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Thanks, Paula,

I noticed some promising materials for ESL included.

Layton High

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If you are not familiar with this company, take a look.
The ceramics teacher at my school asked about ordering a few things from
them & I was wowed by the variety of materials from many different =
Take a look...

Founded in 1985, CRIZMAC Art & Cultural Education Materials, Inc. began as =
publishing company dedicated to the creation of art and cultural curriculum=

resources for schools and institutions. As the years progressed, we
developed a catalog, expanded into the world of folk art, and continued to
add new products, including children=92s literature, music, and resources =
teachers and artists. Today CRIZMAC offers a wide selection of folk art =
around the world. Our clientele consists of fellow art lovers, folk art
collectors, art teachers, classroom teachers, parents, and students.
They are located in Tucson, AZ


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