[library-media] Re: library-media digest, Vol 1 #121 - 11 msgs

Becky Hall beckyhall@rhsm.org
Sun, 11 Feb 2007 15:04:37 -0700

Jan, I just went to a BER conference (Bringing Books to Boys) where the
presenter talked about the Playaways. She had examples of classics like
Jack London's Call of the Wild. She suggested that you loan them out
WITHOUT the earphones, saying that everyone has their own headphones
anyway. I have yet to purchase them but am planning to.
Becky Hall
Rowland Hall- St. Mark's School
Salt Lake City

library-media@lists.uen.org writes:
>Here is the BIG down side:
>1.  There aren't many titles that I was interested in.  I am sure they =
>are "testing" the concept as well. =20
>2.  They are killer expensive.
>3.  It makes me just a little nauseous to think of sharing that type of =
>4.  The batteries go dead fast.
>5.  We have one already that will only play out of one side of the ear =
>6.  We were worried about them being stolen out of the case.
>We work them like Blockbuster does videos. We shelve the empty case and =
>they have to come check it out to actually get the player.
>I have 2 copies of Eldest and Eragon and have 20 holds on each!
>Bottom line:  Worth it so far.