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Fri, 02 Feb 2007 14:13:05 -0700

You all know how shy I am :-)  - I just needed encouragement from Cindy
to tell about my opportunity to testify before the Public Education
Approriations Subcommittee!  Most of my own school knew I was going to
testify; it seemed such a good time to toot our own horn.  A couple of
days later one of my Layton High student librarians asked me with real
concern how my court case turned out.  Apparently, the new civics course
graduation requirement is a good thing!  She thought I was in trouble
and had to appear in court. 

It was cold in the room and waiting for two hours made for butterflies
in the stomach.  While testifying all of the committee members in
attendance stayed awake.  Most of them seemed interested, and, I
believe, desirous of funding the cause.  Sen. Howard Stephenson,
co-chair, stated that they all agreed school libraries were underfunded.
 He, however, expressed his opinion that the responsibility lay with the
districts to support their libraries.  He wanted to find a standard that
districts would be required to meet before their libraries would qualify
to receive specially appropriated funds.

A response from one of the librarians at a junior high in Davis
District to me was, "It is important to remember that years ago when the
legislature moved all the categorical school funding into block grants,
they funded those block grants at less than the previous total of all
the programs they had combined. If the legislature REALLY wants to
guarantee that libraries get an adequate level of funding, the method to
do it is to create a line item budget for it." 

Be sure to write your legislators from home ASAP as per prior Ready,
Set, Go directions.

Layton High

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You never sent anything out about your experience!

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