[library-media] LSTA FALL 2006 Grant Awards

Rose Frost rfrost@utah.gov
Fri, 08 Dec 2006 13:35:55 -0700

The Utah State Library has announced the Fall Round 2006 LSTA grant =

This round was an excellent time to submit a mini-grant request. The =
original budget to fund such requests was $75,000 but the LSTA Advisory =
Council recommended to the Utah State Library Board that the budget be =
increased to $114,542. The additional funds were available because not all =
of the Regular Grant applications were funded and there were funds unused =
by previous grantees. A total of seventeen mini-grants are being fully =

Mini-grants awards to be fully funded include:
=B7	Delta City Library, $6,850, Historical Newspaper Digitization
=B7	Duchesne County Library, $7,500, Digitization of Myton Freepress
=B7	Eagle Mountain Public Library, $4,655, Enhanced Access to =
=B7	Garland Public Library, $7,388, Computers for Remodeling Project =
to enhance service
=B7	Manti Public Library, $5,462, All-in-one digital copier, fax, =
printer, scanner for public and staff use
=B7	Millard School District, Millard High School, $7,500, Research =
Rocks: additional computers for student use
=B7	Monroe City Library, $7,000, Library automation system migration =
to web OPAC
=B7	Ogden School District, Grandview Elementary, $7,499, Bringing the =
Library Media*into the New Millennium
=B7	Panguitch Public Library, $6,756, Communication Hub for public and =
staff use
=B7	Provo City School District, Wasatch Elementary, $6,715, Upgrading =
Library Technology
=B7	Richfield Public Library, $7,500, Technology and print materials =
for remodeled children's' library
=B7	Richmond Public Library, $7,500, Computer and Technology Upgrades =
for public access
=B7	Snow College Library, $7,500, Assistive Technology for the =
Visually Impaired
=B7	Tremonton City Library, $7,217, Enhanced Access/Technology =
=B7	Utah State Hospital Patient Library, $2,500, Additional library =
=B7	Utah State Prison, North Point Libraries, $7,500, Improving =
Offender's Lives through books
=B7	Washington School District, Dixie Downs Elementary, $7,500, =
Spanish Language Materials

The Regular Grants to be fully funded are described below.


The LSTA Fall Round 2006 grant will fund migration to Follett Destiny, a =
wireless network, digital media projector, printers, additional public =
access computers for children, teens, and adults and new staff computers. =
Total LSTA funds requested and awarded: $33,712.


LSTA funds awarded ($26,434) will be used to purchase a portable, wireless =
laptop cart and laptops for student use. The "lab" will be used to provide =
bibliographic instruction for teachers and students on how to access the =
web OPAC and electronic resources such as the Pioneer databases.=20


Washington County Library is being awarded $58,000 to be used for the =
purchase of 80 new computers for three new libraries that have opened =
since September 1, 2006. The grant will also fund some new barcode =
scanners, printers, and pc management software for public access computers.=

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