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M G Durrant mgd@ucet.org
Tue, 28 Nov 2006 10:03:31 -0700


I looked at your library links document and have a few suggestions.

First, the URL for the state office has changed. While
http://www.usoe.k12.ut.us will still work, the current and preferred URL
is http://www.schools.utah.gov.

Second, I question whether AltaVista, Yahoo, and Google (or any other
general search engine) should appear in
any list of sites to be used for research. They are broad search engines,
and as a librarian I am sure that you know that the accuracy and
reliability of the results they produce can seldom be verified. A better
resource might be http://scholar.google.com, but even better would be to
emphasize the research resources available through Pioneer, particularly
the SIRS resources for elementary and middle school kids, and the EBSCO
resources for older students.

I also question why your last URL, http://www.foxnews.com would be
considered a "useful resource" as opposed to any other news outlet. A
much better resource would http://news.google.com which give a full page
of links to news from sources around the world, including, but not
limited to Fox News.

Thanks for your eyeball time.

M Guy Durrant, M.Ed.
Technology Director (and Pioneer Advocate)
Daggett School District

On Tue, 28 Nov 2006 07:14:46 -0700
"Loutensock, Georgia" <Georgia.Loutensock@schools.utah.gov> wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> In the message below Sherry asks some good questions that I am sure
> could be asked by many of you.  Please respond to her and the listserv
> with your experiences or ideas.  Thank you.
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> From: Sherry Paxton [mailto:sherry.paxton@m.millard.k12.ut.us] 
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> To: Loutensock, Georgia
> Subject: Web Page Sites
> Georgia,
> Would you please post a question for me on the listserv.?  I am
> completing a new high school library web page, and I making links for
> each of my research areas.  I would like to see what great sites other
> libraries are using for each of these subject areas.  I am attaching a
> list of sites I am evaluating to possibly use.  I am interested in great
> sites for all areas...and have a great interested in sites for ELL
> students that convert to both English and Spanish. 
> Thanks,
> Sherry Paxton
> Millard High School
> Library Media Teacher