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Fawn Morgan fmorgan@dsdmail.net
Thu, 19 Oct 2006 07:32:57 -0600

Fellow Librarians

Over the last week I braved Salt Lake City traffic twice to attend two
extremely worthwhile training opportunities - and I survived all the
better for the risk! 

Once was to attend three library-related sessions of UEA on Thursday
last.  Congratulations to our own Nan Allsen who participated in one
session and Brian Ferguson who sits on the UEA board.  Two thoughts from
those sessions that I will definitely utilize are: 
1.) That in a NCLB climate we often address the needs of lower-level
readers but neglect reading strategies for advanced students.  Perhaps I
can share more reading strategies from this excellent reading specialist
2.) The idea that the fax machine in my back office would be well used
if I faxed copies of teachers' research assignments to the young adult
librarian at the public library in my neighborhood.  A professional
courtesy, good collaboration and necessary PR.

The second opportunity was to hear Dr. Lance Curry and panelists,
including our Georgia Loutensock, at the Great Issues Forum yesterday
afternoon.  I couldn't pass up the chance to visit at his table during
the reception afterward.  I'm thinking I can use this fact somehow to
give me a bit of credibility when our district librarians present to our
school board in January.  Thoughts are buzzing around my head still this
morning, one in particular.  Dr. Curry challenged school librarians to
convert two new teachers each year to the LM cause who would be willing
to throw themselves into the breach between their librarian and that
librarian's job security.  If you weren't able to attend, you absolutely
must be alert for the posting of the podcast. Watch for announcements on
the ULA website.  Then corner your principal and insist that he or she
listen to portions with you.
Thanks to all those who made this forum possible.

Fawn Morgan
Layton High Library

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