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Karen Mcbride karen.mcbride@cache.k12.ut.us
Mon, 9 Oct 2006 09:30:51 -0600

Anyone out there in library land that could help with this problem?  If so I
would like to hear from you.  Thanks, Karen McBride

Dear Karen,
How are things at Wellsville Elementary School?  Gay sent us your email
addresses because we need your expertise. We are at Vaiola School in Savaii,
Samoa. The principal has asked us to help in two ways:
help them decide what books to order for their library.  Apparently it is
the end of their fiscal year and they need to spend the money NOW.  
They have the old modern classics, but they don't have anything recent.  I
think they would prefer to order paperbacks because of the weight and
These students (ages 12 to 19) are reading in English, but it is their 2nd
language.  Thus, their reading abilities are far behind their interest
level.  So stories that are easy to read, but will be interesting to older
students is what we want.  We know you have an elementary school library,
but I think we would want books that your older students like.  
They have a remedial reading program for those kids who really don't know
English yet and they are looking for some "fun" books they could use with
them in a class.  Any ideas?
Any list you could send us would be appreciated.  Just give us names you
think of-----please don't take a long time researching lists for us.  We
just want to know what you would suggest.  
It is hard to believe it is getting cold there.  We are moving into summer
and it is getting hotter!  We miss Wellsville and Cache Valley, but are
having an amazing experience.  We hope we are doing some good!  With love,
E/S Boyce-----Rich and Glenna

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