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This is great software! We bought it last year at West High (SLC) and ha= ve made several posters of students reading books on the great backgrounds.= The students=A0really enjoy seeing people they know (and themselves!). I h= ave more I am planning to create - even "Do you know=A0which teacher i= s reading this book?" shots.

A head's up - You do need to have Adobe Photoshop installed on the compu= ter as well as the Read software. Make sure you have the right version of P= hotoshop.

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> Have you seen the software from ALA that creates READ posters of= =20
> pictures of anyone reading? It's 149.00 for one copy, but if 10 = people=20
> to order it, it makes it 52.00. Jill Holbrook at the Horizonte C= enter in=20
> Salt Lake City has offered to coordinate the purchase. =A0She as= ks anyone=20
> who is interested in a group purchase to contact her via e-mail = at=20
> jill.holbrook@horizonte.slc.k12.ut.us=20
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