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Subject: Re: Losing Certified Librarians

KSL's editorial last night was entitled "Cultural Illiterates".  I have
attached the link.  It was very supportive of school librarians and
mentioned Provo's decision by name.



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Subject: Losing Certified Librarians

> Regarding the recent decision to cut certified librarians in Provo=20
> middle schools:
> 1. Should UELMA consider a policy statement to be directed to NW=20
> Accreditation recommending that Library Media staffing standards be=20
> maintained? - NW standards are all that keep high school libraries=20
> managed by certified librarians and have been substantially weakened=20
> in recent years.

Accreditation standards have always been for HS only.  They will not
consider what needs to be in an elementary or middle school. It is noted
but I don't believe you get marked down for not having certified people.
Heck, we get by in Utah in rural areas saying we can't find qualified
people and our schools pass accrediation.  Now that really makes sense
doesn't it?
> 2. NCLB - Highly Qualified Status - Currently certified=20
> teacher-librarians who have a minor in Instructional Media qualify but

> how long will this be so?  How is our position different from resource

> teachers without a major in math, English, etc?

In the rules of NCLB librarian don't have to be qualified since they
don't "teach kids".  We are our own worst enemy when it comes to
justifying our positions.  When we focus on our role of "hooking" kids
up to books then I believe anyone can do that if they have a brain.
What we need to focus on is teaching the core curriculum areas that are
tested on the CRT's that are in the library core.  Classrooms teachers
don't have the time to teach our core. We also need to focus on our role
as technology leaders and teaching kids how to find information in many
ways and evaluate it.  Not just anyone can do this that is why we need
certified librarians!

> 3. JaDene Denniston tells me that Administrative Master Degrees no=20
> longer require a certain number of hours of coursework be directed to=20
> understanding what library media center programs provide toward a=20
> well-run school.  My father, an elementary principal of 40  years,=20
> tells me that such coursework was required in the past.  How can we=20
> address this lack?

You won't change this because Universities listen to no one.
Administrators know how valuable a certified librarian is if and only if
they see their own librarian making a difference in student achievement.
> 4. Should UELMA issue a policy statement to be mailed to Utah school=20
> boards detailing why state staffing standards benefit students?

Can, but in my opinion,it won't change their minds.  Money talks.  If
teacher unions and parents made a fuss about losing certified librarians
then they would listen.  I can tell you that half of my schools would
jump for joy to lose their librarian because they are not good teachers
and have very poor PR skills. I have been unable to change this but some
of my principals are going to consider putting these people on
remediation because they believe they are not doing their job.
Principals have asked me if they can put a para-pro in and use the FTE
for another teacher.  To this point librarian FTE's are protected. =20
I know this sounds harsh but I really believe it is the case.  When the
librarian from Provo in the Hearld article said she is not sure that she
wants to go back to the classroom what does that say about her being a
"teacher".  Good teachers make a difference whether they are in the
classroom or library.  That is what we need school districts to realize.

I guess you can see that I am really opinionated about the matter.  It
breaks my heart when I see librarians not teaching and making a
difference in students and teachers lives.  Over time I believe that
that this has happened and again I will say "we are our own worst
enemy".  At our conference when Cindy was handing out relicensure points
she ask one person are you a certified librarian.  The lady said--"I am
an elementary librarian" Cindy then very politely said, "You have a
college degree?"=20
Lady=3DNo but I want my points.  Cindy was very nice and gave her the
paper with the points on.  But this is part of the problem---students
and parents see para-pros as "librarian".  IMAGE!!!!!!!
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