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If the Librarian isn't doing a large number of the jobs listed below they a=
re not teaching. If they aren't teaching they can be replaced. I am afraid =
that a few people are the reason that Librarians have a bad image. I am sor=
ry to see that and it breaks my heart to see this happening. I hope that An=
n sends this letter to the Desert News, the Tribune, the Herald and the Sta=
ndard Examiner. (and any other paper you can think of)The public needs to k=
now what we do and can do for our schools. If we don't speak up no one will=

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> I couldn't open the attachment to Fawn Morgans note with the abo= ve title but if it was regarding the recent announcement and Daily Herald A= rticle, the following is my reply.=20
> Everything that motivates me to value factual information compel= s me to reply to the Daily Herald article of March 15, 2006, PROVO PHASING = OUT CERTIFIED SCHOOL LIBRARIANS. Part of the reason is that many of my coll= eagues and friends are having their lives disrupted by this decision but th= e larger issue is that CHILDREN IN PROVO SCHOOL DISTRICT WILL BE SHORT-CHAN= GED IN THEIR EDUCATION AND FUTURE.=20
> Lets get the emotional part out of the way first.=20
> [UTF-8?]=93=85we [UTF-8?]don=92t want to disrespect our media [U= TF-8?]people=85=94=20
> On two occasions we have requested a meeting with district perso= nnel to clarify their intent so everyone received the same information abou= t the transition. ? The district canceled both meetings.=20
> This is how we have been informed:=20
> [UTF-8?]=95BYU professor H. announced to his class of student te= achers that the Provo School District was doing away with elementary Librar= y Media Teachers (LMT).=20
> [UTF-8?]=95A rumor circulated that aides would replace LMTs when= they retired or resigned.=20
> [UTF-8?]=95A DRAFT of a proposal was shown to some LMTs by their= principals that said the transition would be made in 2008. ?=20
> [UTF-8?]=95Suddenly, however, we have entered a time warp and 20= 06 is 2008.=20
> That is how our LMTs who have given 270 years of service to the = district have been treated with dignity and respect.=20
> Three quotes ?- not from the Herald [UTF-8?]=96 but heard freque= ntly around the district.=20
> [UTF-8?]=93Provo School District makes curriculum decisions base= d on [UTF-8?]research.=94=20
> [UTF-8?]=93Provo School [UTF-8?]District=92s number one goal is = [UTF-8?]literacy.=94=20
> [UTF-8?]=93Provo School District does [UTF-8?]what=92s best for = [UTF-8?]kids.=94=20
> http://www.iema-ia.org/IEMA119.html gives executive summaries of 16 s= tate studies that show the positive effect a strong library program with ce= rtificated professionals has on test scores (3% to 17% higher), reading sco= res, literacy, and life-long learning. ?One of many quotes: [UTF-8?]=93Rese= arch has shown that school libraries staffed by qualified library media spe= cialists are needed to have a positive impact on student academic [UTF-8?]a= chievement.=94 (U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Scien= ce, March 2005. A summary is attached to this email.) ?A Goggle search [UTF= -8?]=93Colorado [UTF-8?]Study=94 (the first of the 16) will bring pages of = listings with similar positive findings.=20
> [UTF-8?]=93We have to direct our resources to where they make th= e biggest impact, and that is in the [UTF-8?]classroom.=94=20
> The library is one of the most important classrooms in the schoo= l. ? That is why Provo School District has required Library Media Teachers = to have a BS or BA in Education, and a Library Endorsement or Master of Lib= rary and Information Sciences in addition to at least three years of classr= oom experience. The Library Media Teacher must know the students and curric= ulum from Kindergarten through 6th Grade. They teach a three-part curriculu= m mandated by the USOE including Information Literacy, Media Literacy and L= iterature. They must know how to select books that support the curriculum t= aught in the schools, provide teachers with information and materials neede= d to prepare their lessons, collaborate with teachers to extend classroom s= tudies, enrich classroom libraries, and provide students with self-selected= fiction and nonfiction for research, enjoyment and life-long learning. Ele= mentary Library Media Teachers usually teach every class in the school for = 30 minutes each week with an additional 15 minutes for book selection and c= irculation.=20
> Here is typical schedule:=20
> [UTF-8?]=95Monday [UTF-8?]=96five first grades learn about Antar= ctica with a non-fiction book about seals, penguins, and other animals and = their adaptations to the environment. Read two storybooks about penguins an= d seals. ?Skills: Phonics, left-to-right orientation, reading for informati= on, reading and viewing a variety of media for enjoyment, 1st grade science= curriculum, continent studies.=20
> Afternoon: Two-hour activity lesson with third grade on using th= e dictionary as a reference tool in reading and writing.=20
> [UTF-8?]=95Tuesday [UTF-8?]=96four 2nd grades use the Big 6? res= earch process to learn how animals grow, change and adapt to their environm= ent. ?Continue writing rough draft of an illustrated book to share with oth= er second grades on a class-selected subject (rattlesnake, quail, painted l= ady butterfly, woodpeckers). Skills: writing process, reading non-fiction a= nd recalling facts, 2nd grade science core.=20
> [UTF-8?]=95Wednesday [UTF-8?]=96four 5th grades continue a serie= s of lessons in the Big 6? research process and use biographies, encycloped= ias and the Internet to prepare a written report on an American Hero. ?Subj= ect: [UTF-8?]=93What would you put in a suitcase if you were sending your h= ero on the most important journey of his/her [UTF-8?]life?=94 ?Skills: rese= arch, writing process, higher order thinking, brainstorming, reading and re= calling facts, 5th grade social studies core. ?Continue lessons with four 3= rd grades on comparing and contrasting North and South America in terms of = terrain, plant and animal life, environment and culture. Skills: reading, m= ap skills, using picture maps for information, 3rd grade social studies cor= e. ?=20
> [UTF-8?]=95Thursday [UTF-8?]=96 Five kindergarten classes [UTF-8= ?]=96 Subject: characters and setting in stories. ?Read two St. [UTF-8?]Pat= rick=92s Day stories, discuss and describe Leprechauns and Trolls. Recite M= other Goose poems. Skills: phonemic awareness, phonics, literary devices, l= istening and viewing, recalling information, memorization. Three 6th grades= : two are preparing Powerpoint presentations on the five senses and changin= g seasons for Kindergarten buddy classes. ?One is finishing written reports= on the country of their choice and preparing Powerpoint presentations for = classmates and parents.=20
> [UTF-8?]=95Friday [UTF-8?]=96 four 4th grades [UTF-8?]=96 Activi= ty to finish study of [UTF-8?]Utah=92s forest, desert and wetland.=20
> Co-ordinates game to list and review characteristics of the envi= ronments, the animals and plants that live there and how they adapt. Skills= : reading and recalling, co-operation, concentration, test taking, 4th grad= e science core.=20
> [UTF-8?]=93=85seems to be a perception classified employees are = less qualified to run the [UTF-8?]library.=94=20
> Show me a classified employee with the following college trainin= g: 12 hours [UTF-8?]children=92s and young adult literature, 3 hours managi= ng the school library, 3 hours cataloging including MARC records, Dewey Dec= imal System and Library of Congress notation, 4 hours collection developmen= t, 3 hours statistical analysis and reporting, 6 hours information retrieva= l, reference and readers advisory, 3 hours history of the book, book care a= nd preservation, 3 hours Automated Library Systems, many hours of technolog= y including: basic computers, WAN and LAN, internet structure and searching= techniques, Word Perfect, Microsoft Office, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop; = three days intense Follett training, five day information literacy and five= days media literacy training from the USOE, and you will have a classified= employee equally qualified to run the library.=20
> [UTF-8?]=85=94these qualifications are not needed in many aspect= s of a [UTF-8?]librarian=92s [UTF-8?]job.=94=20
> [UTF-8?]=93=85most of their work can be done by an employee with= less [UTF-8?]education.=94=20
> [UTF-8?]=95The Utah State Office of Education guidelines for a l= ibrary aide says they maintain the library, circulate books, and occasional= ly read stories to classes. ?If there is not a certificated librarian teach= ing the curriculum, it becomes the responsibility of the classroom teacher.= ?Is Provo School District following state guidelines in those schools with= out certificated LMTs? ? Do parents and patrons of those schools know their= children are not receiving an equal education?=20
> [UTF-8?]=95In any job, there is work that could be done by an em= ployee with less education. ?Saying a part time aide can do the work of a c= ertificated librarian is the same as saying they can do ?you in court.=20
> [UTF-8?]=95It is true that other people could: run the geography= bee, maintain the school web site, help teachers with technology problems,= teach the technology curriculum in addition to the library curriculum, pla= n graduation, run the spelling bee, do morning announcements, play morning = music, supervise the student council, supervise summer-school groups, monit= or testing, run the home reading program, serve on the school improvement t= eam, plan and conduct musical events, conduct school assemblies, serve on t= he school safety committee, provide a pleasant place for faculty meetings, = be the social hostess of the school, serve on the community council, run bo= ok fairs, ?clean and maintain school equipment, order bulbs for projectors = and supplies for the copier and printer, etc., etc., etc., ?These and many = other tasks outside our job description are taken on by librarians, under t= he direction of the principal, for the good of the students and the school.= =20
> [UTF-8?]=93=85The district is among the last in the state to mak= e the [UTF-8?]change.=94=20
> When did [UTF-8?]=93But Mom, [UTF-8?]everybody=92s [UTF-8?]doin= =92 [UTF-8?]it!=94 make it right.=20
> [UTF-8?]=93Provo School District makes decisions based on [UTF-8= ?]research?=94=20
> [UTF-8?]=93Provo School [UTF-8?]District=92s number one goal is = [UTF-8?]literacy?=94=20
> [UTF-8?]=93Provo School Districts does [UTF-8?]what=92s best for= [UTF-8?]kids?=94=20
> [UTF-8?]=95Several districts where education is valued have full= time certificated Library Media Teachers at all levels. ?Among them:=20
> Salt Lake School District, home of the University of Utah.=20
> Cache School District, home of Utah State University.=20
> Weber School District, home of Weber State University.=20
> [UTF-8?]=93Alpine School District switched to classified librari= ans about 15 years ago but does [UTF-8?]it=92s own in-house [UTF-8?]trainin= g.=94 ?And when they did, they hired a full time district library co-coordi= nator, Gloria Stratton, who designed a program that required library aides = to have 20 hours of college level training. ?In other words, their classifi= ed personnel have the equivalent of a library endorsement. ?Alpine School D= istrict [UTF-8?]doesn=92t believe unqualified people can do the job. ?Distr= icts with classified librarians have a district coordinator, some have as m= any as five (Granite) to train and supervise.=20
> [UTF-8?]=85will save the district about $250,000 a [UTF-8?]year.= =94=20
> What will it cost our students in terms of life-long learning, l= ower reading scores, lesser ability to collect and process accurate informa= tion, lower scores on state and national tests. The effect will not be imme= diately evident. It will take several years before it surfaces in upper ele= mentary, then middle schools and high schools.=20
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