janduane janduane@jdchs.org
Fri, 24 Feb 2006 08:44:51 -0700

The UELMA Conference is now just days away!

Remember UELMA's service project will benefit three Granite schools:  
South Kearns Elementary, Kearns Junior High and Kearns High School.   
Because of the culturally diverse student body, many library  
materials are needed for all grade levels.  Please bring any gently  
used books, new books, and/or money to help these school acquire  
relevant books for their libraries.  If you have questions, please  
email Sheryl Burton at sherylburton@slc.k12.ut.us or Jan Duane at  
janduane@jdchs.org.  Whatever you can bring to UELMA for these  
schools will be greatly appreciated.

There will be a table for you to drop off your much-needed donations.

Thanks so much,
Sheryl and Jan