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Tue, 03 Jan 2006 16:22:30 -0700


The State Library Division will open the FY 2005-2006 spring round of LSTA =
Grant Competition on January 2.  Grant categories based on the goals =
identified in the 2003-2007 Five-Year Plan, are:
*	Technology Infrastructure
*	Networked Information (specifically digitization of unique Utah =
related resources)
*	Enhanced Access to Library Resources

Grant funding levels remain the same.  Mini Grants (to $7,500) requires no =
match.  Regular Grants (from $7,501 - $74,999) require a 25% match of the =
total cost of the project.  Major Grants ($75,000 and over) require a 35% =
match of the total cost of the project.  The spring grant round is the =
only opportunity in the year for libraries to apply for a Major Grant.

Prospective applicants will find background information on LSTA, the =
Grants Handbook, Grant Calendar for FY 2005-2006, Grant Summaries from the =
past year's competitions, assistive technology equipment suggestions, =
preliminary requirements for digitization projects, as well as the grant =
application itself and all reporting forms at http://library.utah.gov/grant=

LSTA applicants must submit an Intent to Apply form (now required) by =
Friday, February 3, 2006. This applies to Mini, Regular, and Major grant =
applicants.  All LSTA applications for the spring round are due at the =
State Library Division on February 17, 2006. =20

The spring 2006 LSTA Program and Grant Writing Workshop is scheduled for =
Friday, January 20 at the State Library Division from 10:00 - noon. Learn =
how to write your grant application to reflect and measure the human =
impact of your project by implementing outcome-based evaluation (OBE) from =
the start.  Prospective applicants who have never attended this workshop =
or have not participated within the last two years are strongly advised to =
attend.  Register at: http://library.utah.gov/workshops/index.htm. For =
more information, please contact the Grants Coordinator: Jane E. Smith at =
(801) 715-6742 or jesmith@utah.gov. =20