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The City Library Announces the Opening of "Children as Illustrators:
The Power of Expression"

Reception is on Dec 19th, 6-7:30pm
210 E. 400 S.

Dec 12, 2005 -- Fahimeh Amiri, an internationally recognized artist
known for her distinctive line of posters and children's books such as
"Babri", "Th e Monkey Bridge," and "The Prince Who Ran Away", has
developed a very unique type of lesson working with Utah's kids and is
exhibiting the results in a landmark exhibition at the City Library.

Amiri recently immigrated to Salt Lake City from Boston and has been
offering a distinctive form of art class. Her approach involves
harnessing the narrative imagination of her students through the
creation and development of their own picture books.

"Each child creates their own story.  This form of pictorial language is
appealing to kids and as each book is colorfully illustrated, page by
page aunique narration unfolds" Amiri comments.

The cultivation of a strong visual vocabulary, Amiri asserts, can best
be performed through the communication of a story that expresses itself
solely through imaginative paintings.

The net result is that childlike expressions created by the students are
aesthetically creative and contextually delightful. They are refreshing
and alive - profound and silly- meaningful yet light.

Amiri's main interest is to awaken a child's expressive power. Once this
is achieved she believes their artistic interest and talent will evolve
naturally. This creative and thought provoking process not only
stimulates the child's imagination but is also a significant achievement
in that it encourages the child to further creative activities.  "The
transformation I see in my children is substantial" Amiri notes, "within
the development of the first few pages of their story, they become drawn
in, and both their artistic talent and imagination soars."

Amiri's students range from age six to twelve and each finished book
bears testimony to each child's joy and hard work.  These books will be
on display in the Children's Gallery at the Salt Lake Main Library from
December 19th through February 10th.

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