[library-media] Library Books to Match Secondary Curriculum

janduane janduane@jdchs.org
Wed, 7 Dec 2005 15:49:09 -0700


I am looking for help!  We are looking for library books, both  
fiction and nonfiction, that have curriculum tie-ins for secondary  
education, i.e.  what books would be good in the social studies,  
science, art, health, etc. curriculum.  I know these are BROAD areas  
but if you have any suggestions for books, places to look (I'm looked  
at UEN and LM_NET Archives and found basically nothing), magazines,  
whatever, I would appreciate it so much.  I will compile the "hits" .

If this is not clear, please email me and I will explain further.

Thanks so much,
Jan Duane
Juan Diego Catholic