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Fawn Morgan fmorgan@dsdmail.net
Fri, 11 Nov 2005 12:36:23 -0700

Yesterday one of my student librarians confided that as a student in
England (two years ago) she experienced constant bullying.  Fully
expecting to receive the same in the States, she prepared herself for
the ordeal.  She is now pleasantly surprised to find that in Davis
County, Utah, no one cares enough to bully.  For her it was a welcome
relief.  Since she has a solid core of friends and the companionship of
books, I don't worry about her.  I tolerate and am even entertained by
the group's raucous behavior in the library at lunch, except for the
man-handling of already decrepit 2 year old bean bag chairs and the
stealing of reward tootsie-rolls.  

I do worry about the student that sits all alone day after day, though.
 At least he is entertained by the group's antics.  One day he may
join them.  

I strive, as do you all, to make the library a haven for fragile
personalities.  At the same time I try to achieve a balance for
seriously academic pursuits - don't snort, there are a few dedicated,
or possessed, students.  Wasn't the "Edutopia" article sent out to the
listserv by Georgia a wonderful concept? I am motivated to paint in
calligraphy quotes and questions all around my library but not tomorrow
- maybe later.

I am pleased to share the following poem created by a resource student
struggling to find a place on the debate team:

Having fun isn't hard
When you've got a library card.

Granted, I think he was buttering me up for some future favor.  He has
registered for my library skills course next semester and was shocked to
find out I assign worksheets - I'll share one at the spring conference
- and research projects in addition to clerical responsibilities.  Like
most potential student assistants, he thought he would get to read or
hang out all period.  I do delight in his enthusiasm.  Animated, but
competent student librarians give me joy.  I hope you enjoy yours


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