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October 4, 2005

Laughing and Crying: Welcome Back! or Where Else But In a School Library?

It's been a very difficult start to a new year at the Layton High Library. =
 Thousands of books on the floor in boxes on the first day of school, a =
son's wedding, a root canal gone bad, a new laser jet printer which =
wouldn't accept any print jobs ... The list went on and on.=20

Not until yesterday did I remember why I really do like my job.  Where =
else but in a school library can the following two events happen simultaneo=
1.  I lead a discussion in the best possible sources to research 'The =
Effects of the media on the historical development of the Free Soil =
Party', (Could the student teacher have chosen a more obscure topic?) AND
2. I pry loose a 15 year old sophomore who is stuck in the library exit =
turnstile. (How in the world did he ever get wedged in so tightly?!)

I really believe some soothing music would be appropriate, perhaps even =
necessary. Please send me recommendations for suitable instrumental music =
to be played in the school library to=20
a. soothe the spirit
b. stimulate mental processes
c. entertain without overly exciting already excitable youth.
For example, the soundtrack to Brave heart, various Mozart baroque pieces, =
maybe even a little symphonic Beatles music. After school or at lunch we =
might even try a little John Williams Star Wars selections.

Contribute and I'll share the results at a poster session during next =
spring's UELMA conference. Mark March 2 on your calendar.

Welcome to a new school year!


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