[library-media] CultureGrams adding features...

Rick Cline RCLINE@media.utah.edu
Thu, 07 Jul 2005 14:36:06 -0600

Some of these are live right now, but all will be live by 1 August.

NEW in the Online (2006) Edition of CultureGrams (August 2005 release)

WORLD Edition
* Five new CultureGrams: Angola, Ivory Coast, Libya, Myanmar, Suriname
* Option to export tables (Sortable, Country Data) into Excel or Word,
etc. (csv files)
* Citation information (applies to all products) accessible throughout
* FAQ information, accessible throughout site.
* PDF versions of country detail maps (larger, and better-quality
* New and updated navigation maps

KIDS Edition
* New countries: Ireland and Saudi Arabia
* Ability to view and print country outline maps (PDF format for clean
print results)
* Ability to view and print country detail maps (PDF format for clean
print results)
* New and updated navigation maps

STATES Edition
* State detail maps (PDF format)
* State county maps (PDF format)
* State outline maps (PDF format)
* U.S. political map (PDF)
* U.S. topographical map (PDF)
* U.S. outline map (PDF)
* Expanded data tables (14 new categories)
        Population Growth, 1990 to 2000
        Population under 18 years old
        White Population
        Black or African American Population
        American Indian and Alaska Native Population
        Asian Population
        Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Population
        Other Race
        Two or More Races
        Hispanic or Latino Population
        Foreign-Born Population
        High School Graduates (persons age 25+)
        Bachelor's Degree or Higher, (persons age 25+)
        Population Living in Poverty.
Bird song audio link in State Symbols
Other state symbols (longer list of additional symbols--without
Additional government information
        Governor--name and party affiliation
        Senators--name and political affiliation
        Representatives--number and political affiliation
        State government--state house and senate number (possibly
        Two-letter state abbreviation
1. For data tables, identify row and column headers
2. For comparison tables, supply shortcut key navigation
3. Provide a skip navigation link for top nav items
4. Provide a .htm with the full text of the individual CultureGram
the associated jpeg/gif map image (the alternate solution for the
accessible PDF)
5. Provide a directory/menu of all countries that link to the .htm
the full text CultureGrams