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To All Public Library Directors:
 Colleen Taylor, Executive Director of the Utah Commission on Literacy
last year received a grant to distribute Early Literacy Backpacks to
families who are TANF eligible. (Temporary Aid to Needy Families). 
have already distributed many of these backpacks to social service
agencies such as Head Start and Early Start, but there are thousands
left. These backpacks include the following:  Clear plastic backpack,
board book, Ready to Learn video, Baby Einstein video or DVD, Early
Literacy Developmental Booklet and coordinating magnets, sipper cup
Reading Tips Bookmark.  The reading and video materials also come in
Spanish.  Jamie Lee Curtis & LeVar Burton hosts the video, "Ready to
Learn, from the I Am Your Child series."  See the following link to
the backpack and its contents 
Colleen believes that public libraries would be a good venue to
distribute these backpacks and that summer reading programs would be a
great opportunity to reach the neediest pre-school children. The grant
distributes these backpacks for free (one to a family), but the
must fill out several official papers.   This requirement is an
barrier for the families who could really benefit from these backpacks.

Families may purchase these backpacks for $12 a piece, but this amount
is another obstacle, as the neediest families most likely could not
afford even this price. 
To circumvent these barriers and to insure that public library
directors are not buried in red tape, Colleen suggests that local
businesses could purchase a number of these backpacks as a donation to
the library and then the library could distribute them to anyone for
free or use them as prizes in summer reading for very young readers. 
Ten backpacks would cost $120, twenty backpacks $240, and thirty
backpacks $360, etc.  
If interested, library directors and/or local businesses should
Colleen Taylor, Executive Director, Utah Commission on Literacy,
colleentaylor_353hotmail.com,  (801-560-7675) to arrange for
these Early Literacy Backpacks for their libraries. You may also
me at the State Library.  
Jane E. Smith
Grants Coordinator
State Library Division

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