[library-media] Replacing Books w/ Computers in Libraries

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Why not - at least at the High School level?  The internet 
is where kids choose to do their research anyway, so why 
not provide them quality research resources that fit the 
format of their choice?  Plus, E-books mean that multiple 
students can use the same book simultaneously and they can 
access it remotely as well.  Maybe we should give the 
online environment more consideration, just as higher ed 
has.  It is certainly an environment our students will 
need to know how to expertly navigate when they move on to 
the academy.

Lanell Rabner
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  "lesley.mclaughlin" <lesley.mclaughlin@slc.k12.ut.us> 
>When you read this article please note that it says 
>"Colleges and 
>Universities" that will be replacing hardcover books with 
>e-books.  I don't 
>believe that you will see this happen in the k-12 
>educational environment.
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>> fyi
>> As digital delivery of printed material becomes 
>> efficient and common, some colleges and universities are 
>> books from libraries to make room for facilities where 
>> access content on computers. The University of Southern 
>> was one of the first to create such a digital learning 
>>laboratory in 
>> 1994, and in the past few years it has been joined by 
>> including Emory University, the University of Georgia, 
>> University of Arizona, the University of Michigan, and 
>> University of Houston. The University of Texas at Austin 
>> recently decided to move all of the books from its 
>> library to other facilities and create an "electronic 
>> commons." No one expects books to disappear completely, 
>> according to Geneva Henry, executive director of the 
>>digital library 
>> initiative at Rice University, libraries should be 
>> concerned with the exchange of ideas rather than simply 
>>storage of 
>> books. As colleges and universities work to provide 
>> services to students who have grown up with computers, 
>>the trend to use
>> electronic resources is likely to continue.
>> New York Times, 14 May 2005 (registration req'd)
>> http://www.nytimes.com/2005/05/14/education/14library.html
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