[library-media] Re: World Book web page for younger users

Rick Cline RCLINE@media.utah.edu
Wed, 13 Apr 2005 08:26:48 -0600

I am sending you an e-mail from World Book (see below) that provides a
web link that shows a mockup of a web page they have developed for
younger users. This is your opportunity to let them know what you think
of it and give suggestions for improving it. In my opinion, five or ten
minutes of your time right now is a worthwhile investment in helping
World Book make a better interface for Utah's younger users.

- Rick

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>>> World Book Online <wbolcontent@worldbook.com> 4/12/2005 10:48 PM
Dear Administrators: 

We're writing to let you know about a sneak preview of a new version of
the World Book Online homepage we're preparing for our younger users. To
see the page, please go to Subscriber News on the homepage of WBORC: 


Send us your comments! The preview will be up on the site through April
29th, and we would love to get feedback from you and your users. What do
you like about the site? What would you change? We've included a
comments box to the right of the mockup. Just fill in your comments and
click "Submit", and they will be e-mailed directly to us. Or you can
contact us directly by sending an e-mail to wbolcontent@worldbook.com .

Thank you for your time and attention! 


The World Book Team