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Fawn Morgan fmorgan@dsdmail.net
Mon, 07 Feb 2005 15:36:52 -0700

So many of you responded favorably to the blog about the research skills
tested in  UBSCT that I believe you will want similar information about
the Iowa Test which replaced the Stanford 9 in Utah.  This information
was provided by Riverside, publishers of the test, to counselors prior
to testing this past fall.  You may want to use it in the presentations
many of you are giving to administrators, PTA, legislators, and school

"Sources of Information [Subtest of the Iowa Tests for basic skills]"

"This test evaluates students' ability to use important sources of
information.  The skills students need in order to find and use
information efficiently are familiarity with the resources of a
well-equipped library or media center; knowledge of supplemental sources
of information, including private and public agencies; and skill in
selecting appropriate sources for specific information.  These goals
reflect the test's main skill categories: the mechanics of using common
references and the evaluation of sources for various purposes." p. 21

The instructions then go on to classify this portion of the test for
high school juniors:

a. Library Sources/Research Methods
b. Dictionaries/Encyclopedias/Almanacs
c. Maps/Atlases/Globes
d. Miscellaneous Sources

a. "Using Sources: Students must identify or interpret the information
found in various sources, and identify examples of appropriate us.
b. "Evaluating Sources: Students must identify the best or most
likely." source of information for a given purpose, and identify the
best strategy." p.22

Small wonder that major education studies show that strong school
library programs improve test scores!  Look what core is being tested
and who teaches these skills.

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