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Susan Huff susan.huff@jordan.k12.ut.us
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I understand where Bob is coming from, but I would hate to make a case for 
additional funding for school libraries on the backs of the public 
libraries.  I have worked hard to establish a great relationship with my 
local public library.  They are supportive of me and I am of them.  I think 
we have a strong case for the need of adequate funding that we don't need to 
go this direction.  I am glad the public libraries are well funded and hope 
they continue to be well funded.
Susan A. Huff
Riverton High School
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> Good stuff.  Thanks to Fawn and Robert.  gml
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> Georgia, Nan,
> I am forwarding an e-mail sent to the Davis SLMTA (secondary
> librarians).  Bob is the library media teacher at Northridge High and
> gives permission to use  this letter as needed.   So if you want to send
> it to the lobbying group or to the listserv with the direction to
> contact legislators on personal time, it's a viewpoint from both sides
> of the tracks.  If you want to edit it I assume that would be ok with
> him, too, but you might want to check.  His e-mail is in his signature.
> Fawn
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>>>> Robert Bingham 02/04/05 11:18 AM >>>
> Most of you know I worked for nearly 20 years in the public libraries
> and have said on occasion that they seemed to have plenty of book
> budget, or should I say adequate, for the public libraries. I worked at
> large and small branches so I have a pretty good perspective on what
> goes on there.
> The fact is, the state librarian camps down there on capitol hill while
> the legislature is in session.  I don't see the same intensity for the
> school library funding.  I go to public library sales and buy books that
> I need that they don't have room for.  This is a big issue, public
> libraries have to do some serious weeding to make room for their large
> budgets.  The public libraries are packed with school students after
> school looking for things they couldn't find at their school library.
> Walk into any public library between the hours of 2:30 and 5:30 and
> you'll see students trying to get homework done that they couldn't do at
> school.  You can't blame students for this because they are motivated to
> be successful.  I would dare say public libraries have upwards of 10
> times the book budgets we do.  We were proud of the fact that we had a
> book for someone well over 90% of the time.  Students get really
> disgusted with the school libraries because they can't find what they
> need and go over to the public libraries.  I'm talking about titles from
> teacher's lists that we can't afford to buy.
> The risk of students doing their homework etc. at the public libraries
> is they won't have any advisement and will checkout many things that are
> not appropriate to their needs for school.  Some students are getting
> very graphic novels and inappropriate materials for their age and
> reading levels and are having problems with their parents about what
> they read.  Students under the age of 18 are at risk at the public
> libraries. The school librarians are the experts to advise and direct
> student research needs.  They are familiar with teachers assignments and
> work in a direct backup role with the teacher.  School librarians are
> certified teachers first, in a least two subjects, and therefore are in
> the best position after class to help students.
> Anyway, I just wanted to point out a few thoughts about this annual
> matter.
> Thanks, Bob
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