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Fawn Morgan fmorgan@dsdmail.net
Fri, 17 Dec 2004 11:59:45 -0700

Today I made a tour of my library before opening the doors on a Friday
morning and find that the bean bag chairs have been re-arranged.  It is
good news because it means that students are using the library.

This summer I made several trips to the local Target store to purchase
colorful bean bag chairs for the school library - an earlier survey of
students revealed that they thought our library needed "more color".  I
learned during those trips that if you stuff bean bag chairs into a car
on a hot summer day the pellets inside the bags will swell so that the
bean bags can't be taken back out through the car door!! But that is
another story.  Once inside the school I arranged the bags throughout
the space in what I thought was an attractive order - one navy, one
lime, one dark pink.  Daily the students rearrange them for comfort or
to make it easier to converse  so it has become clear that "more color"
wasn't the real need.

Students also requested faster computers.  While I would never turn
down faster computers, that isn't the real need, either.  Effective
research comes more from quality collections and efficient search
strategies than speed.  The news about Google's new scanning project
will greatly increase the availability of quality information available
on the free web.  Read more about this project on the following links
found through Pioneer Library.  I wish you a "colorful" but equally
joyous holiday season!






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