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I have been following the dialogue on movie 
licensing and wanted to add my two cents 
worth. We purchase a copyright compliance site 
license from Movie Licensing USA each year. 
The cost is $375 per year. We feel this is a 
great bargain, and much cheaper than a 
lawsuit.  We show movies for homecoming, 
senior night, grad night, etc., and for 
fundraisers.  This is our understanding of the 
legal aspects of the site license: We can 
charge admittance until our profits reach the 
$375 we initially paid. Sometimes as a 
"ticket," we have asked students to bring a 
donation of canned food for charity, or pay 
$1.00 for popcorn. This is legally acceptable, 
as explained to me by a Movie Licensing USA 
Jean Truman/ Media Teacher
Canyon View High School
Cedar City 
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  "John Eye" <Eye@suu.edu> wrote: 

  >I'm curious what the price is.  Do you 
  >John Eye
  >>>> "Susan Huff" 
  >>>>11/8/2004 8:08:37 AM
  >We have a license like that for our school. 
  > It covers the movies the 
  >student body officers or clubs  show that 
  >are NOT face to face
  >instruction.  You still cannot charge for 
  >the activity.  I believe that
  >every high school in our district has this 
  >Susan Huff
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  >> It's ironic this company would want 
  >>knowledgeable in
  >> since it sounds like their organization 
  >>profits from the myth that
  >> movies" cannot be used in classroom 
  >>situations.  The copyright law
  >> allows use of "home use only" or other 
  >>resources as long as
  >> used in a face to face teaching 
  >>not as entertainment or as
  >> reward.  School districts that subscribe 
  >>these licensing services,
  >> my opinion, are throwing their money away 
  >>unless they have a whole
  >> of parties.
  >> Just my 2 cents worth.
  >> John
  >> Dr. John Eye
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  >>>>> "Fawn Morgan" <fmorgan@dsdmail.net> 
  >>>>>11/5/2004 3:19:18 PM >>>
  >> I have received a request for the name of 
  >>someone with copyright
  >> expertise in the state.  The request 
  >>follows. Please reply to me and
  >> will pass on the information.  Thanks.
  >> Fawn Morgan
  >> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  >> Our company, Movie Licensing USA is a 
  >>division of Swank Motion
  >> Pictures, Inc.  Swank is the 
  >>distributor and licensor
  >> for
  >> most of the major motion picture studios, 
  >>and has been for over 60
  >> years.  We provide legal access through a 
  >>single license to almost
  >> every
  >> entertainment movie available in any 
  >>store or sales catalog,
  >> licensed for "Home Use Only".  Movies 
  >>Walt Disney Pictures,
  >> Warner Bros., Touchstone Pictures, 
  >>Hollywood Pictures, Columbia
  >> Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Paramount 
  >>Pictures, Universal Studios,
  >> DreamWorks Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 
  >>Sony and United Artists
  >> all yours to show legally when your 
  >>has the license.
  >> I was hoping that you could give me the 
  >>name of a copyright
  >> for your state.  Someone who is 
  >>to answer questions or
  >> concerns that Utah school librarians may 
  >>have on copyright.  Some
  >> states
  >> that we talk to like Texas and Florida 
  >>specific individuals who
  >> they can go to with copyright issues. 
  >>could be someone that
  >> know of in your state who might do some 
  >>public speaking or writes
  >> articles on the subject.
  >> Any information you could provide would 
  >>helpful.  Thanks so much
  >> for
  >> your time.
  >> Kristi Hensley
  >> Copyright Licensing Manager
  >> Movie Licensing USA
  >> 1-877-321-1300
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