[library-media] UELMA SchmoozeLetter

Fawn Morgan fmorgan@dsdmail.net
Wed, 03 Nov 2004 08:35:53 -0700

Hi, Library Folks,

Since this is not so much a blog as an apology, I am captioning it a
SchmoozeLetter (with acknowledgements to Daniel Will-Harris who created
the word).

It seems that a message I sent to the listserv last month was sent out
again today. My apologies. Oh the wonders of  Internet Communication!
The Sherman's Lagoon cartoon which was published through syndication on
October 31 is about communication.  

Sherman to Hawthorne: "Hey, I tried calling you the other night.  Did
you change your number?"

Hawthorne to Sherman: " Yeah.  It's 555-2314, but I'm never home. Work
is 555-4783, if you can get past my secretary. My cell is 555-3648. I
never answer it. Leave a voicemail.  Pager, 555-4478, but it's always
off.  Fax, 555-9133, but it's always out of paper. E-mail is
hawthorne@slagoon.com, but my service filters everything.  And if you
mail me something, I'll probably just throw it away without looking at

Sherman to Hawthorne: "There certainly are a lot of ways to not
communicate with you."

Hawthorne to Sherman: "I have a ham radio too"

Feel free to contact me anytime in regards to UELMA or just to have a
sympathetic librarian "ear".


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