[library-media] UELMA blog - Dude! This game is hard!

Fawn Morgan fmorgan@dsdmail.net
Fri, 17 Sep 2004 09:40:23 -0600

"Dude! This game is hard!" and
"You have it? You do? You rock, you really rock!"

These two comments were heard in our library during the first few weeks
of school.  Both are reasons that I continue to work as a
teacher-librarian.  While students (and adults for that matter) can act
truly annoying, they often enough make me laugh.

"Dude! This game is hard!"  The first comment was heard as students
were moving about the library completing my sophomore orientation
worksheet.  The assignment met my goal of presenting the school library
as an enjoyable place to visit and as a place where serious academic
work can be accomplished.

"You have it? You do? You rock, you really rock!"  The second comment
was delivered by an overjoyed young man who was surprised that I had on
the shelves a book for which he had searched in bookstores and at "the
real" library - a term that doesn't exactly thrill me.  More often than
not with a tight budget our library may not have the most sought-after
titles, although we certainly do our best.

I hope your opening experiences included comments such as these that
made you laugh!  Enjoy the journey!


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