[library-media] Fw: Connecting Young Adults and Libraries: A How-To-Do-It Workshop

Cindy Mitchell cindy.mitchell@jordan.k12.ut.us
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>From Cindy Mitchell:

This looks interesting - too bad it is so near the beginning of school.  I
can't go - can anyone else go and share the tips and techniques with us?

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Subject: Connecting Young Adults and Libraries: A How-To-Do-It Workshop

Connecting Young Adults and Libraries:
A How-To-Do-It Workshop

Michele Gorman, author of Getting Graphic!  Using Graphic Novels to
Promote Literacy with Preteens and Teens and co-author of Connecting
Young Adults and Libraries will present a Connecting Young Adults and
Libraries workshop at the Utah State Library Division, Friday, September
3, 2004, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Gorman's workshop is designed for:
youth librarians in public libraries, adult/reference librarians in
public libraries; public library administrators, school librarians,
classroom teachers, youth workers, and all staff which serve teenagers
in your library.  In the workshop, participants will:

* Learn the fundamentals of serving young adults in libraries.
* Explore the connection between youth development and library
* Examine the planning, implementation, justification, and
evaluation of effective young adult services.

Michele Gorman is a young adult librarian with the Austin Public
Library, a freelance writer, and nationally recognized speaker
delivering workshops and keynote speeches around the country in which
she addresses young adult librarianship, graphic novels, and technology
for teens.  Her workshop is scheduled at the State Library, 250 North
1950 West, Suite A, training rooms 218 and 219.  A registration for a
registration form later today (August 9) at
http://library.utah.gov/workshopsseasonal.html.  For more information,
contact K. C. Benedict, Continuing Education Coordinator,
1-800-662-9150, 1-801-715-6744, or kbenedic@utah.gov.