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Fawn Morgan fmorgan@dsdmail.net
Thu, 06 May 2004 09:20:34 -0600

Last night I opened the Deseret News to find that Kim Hanson had ridden
to the rescue. His letter to the editor was published in the My View
column under the title Utah Underfunds School Libraries.  See
for the entire article.  Having sent in the occasional letter myself I
know that the editors can be selective in what makes the printed page -
way to go Kim!

Now what do we do with this publicity? Write a letter yourself. Write
to your local newspaper. Write to your PTA president. Write to your
senator or representative supporting the issues in Kim's letter. Write
to your district superintendent. Give your administration links to the
study sites mentioned as well as to the study done in Utah at
http://libforms.li.suu.edu/forms/s3results.htm .  

Does your district have a school library organization? Consider
organizing one. SLMTA (Secondary Library Media Teachers Association) in
Davis District is a means to promote school libraries and librarians.
Visit our web site at
Articles on your web site promoting school library programs will show
up on a google search. The more google hits documenting how strong
programs increase test scores the better for Utah students.  If we don't
promote ourselves it seems no one else will. Get active!

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