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Here is an opportunity to tell it how it is in Utah.  Feel free to reply.

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ALAWON: American Library Association Washington Office Newsline
Volume 13, Number 28
April 28, 2004

In This Issue: Tell Your Story! Library Funding Web site Launched

ALA's Communications and Marketing Office today launched the new Tell
Your Story! component of the ALA Library Funding Web site. The new ALA
Library Funding Web site provides important information about funding
cutbacks in libraries in states throughout the country. The Tell Your
Story! component is an anecdotal collection that will allow library
advocates to submit stories of how funding issues have impacted their
communities, as well as retrieve stories to share with legislators,
decision-makers, and the media. 

With National Legislative Day around the corner, we hope that library
advocates will take advantage of this new resource, sharing examples for
use in upcoming meetings with legislators  and beyond.

To view, go to www.ala.org/libraryfunding. Scroll down to the Tell Your
Story! area to submit your library funding story or to read stories
about funding impacts around the country.

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