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My library is of an adequate size for a small junior high but not for a
medium size high school.  Nevertheless, at 10:00 a. m. yesterday I had a
class of 30 students researching global issues on computers, a class of
30 students watching as I used a projector to demonstrate which
databases were best to use to research genetic diseases, and a group of
15 debate students noisily looking for books with stories for dramatic
readings.  After a few minutes kids were bouncing off each other and
tripping over backpacks.  We ended up playing "quaker" just for any
semblance of order.  Research had never been so fun, however,
unproductive!  Needless to say, ours school doesn't meet facility

Twelve years ago during my first year at Layton High I put together a
five year library improvement plan.  Five years later little or nothing
had been checked off that list other than moving bookshelves to
different locations.  The custodians were good sports, gratefully.  At
least I didn't have to take a class in woodworking and build those
shelves like my fellow-librarian at Bountiful High.  Twelve years later
most of our goals have been accomplished, though.  I guess that the
phrase 'better late than never' applies.

I am in the process of putting together a new five year plan, an
addition to the goals I set for our recent accreditation process.  The
new state school library standards has been invaluable.  I actually
retyped the standards found on the USOE site at
so I could copy and paste them to my own improvement  document.  The
Standards introduction lists DRSL (Desired Results for Student Learning)
written specifically for school libraries.  I wish I these had been
available during our accreditation.  

If your goals are far from reaching the target, the lesson is to keep
pressing ahead.  Tortoise and Hare and all that . . . I'm looking
forward to seeing you at UELMA. Today is the day to contact Larry if you
have not yet registered. 

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