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UELMA Blog 1-29-03

What fun! Last Thursday several members of UELMA attended a session of
the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee to present a State of
School Libraries PowerPoint slideshow.  Board member Susan Huff, Library
Media Teacher at Riverton High, was on the hot seat as she gave
testimony to the representatives and senators while Dennis Morgan, LM
Supervisor for Murray District assisted at the keyboard.  I'm not sure
Susan was having as much fun as I did but she did an excellent job
giving the facts and answering questions.  Larry Jeppson, Burke Belnap,
Phyllis Shaw, Bev Stout, Diane Stokoe and Sharyl Smith showed up to
support Susan and be available for testimony.   

Subcommittee members were also given a copy of the new Standards booklet
and a fact sheet which highlighted studies proving that strong school
library programs do raise reading scores 10-15%.  The slideshow also
included these compelling facts as well as showing collection and
staffing statistics at a sampling of Utah schools.  Kim Hanson of
Follett Library Services assisted Susan in compiling these stats. 

I doubt any of expect the legislature to actually appropriate line item
funding to school libraries this fiscally tight year but I know that
seeds were planted in the minds of many legislators on the subcommittee.
 You might want to  take a look at the minutes for that day, January 22.
 Go to 
Perhaps you are a constituant of one of the subcommittee members -- be
sure to contact them and explain the difference between old classic
volumes and old out-of-date, innacurate volumes.  One representative
appeared to believe that one equals the other!! Dennis passed out some
very old, ratty discarded volumes to give them a personal touch of

It was quite fun watching my ex-superindendant and the state
superintendant answer questions from the hot seat, too!


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