[library-media] Rest of the National Results for Reading Promotions, Ideas, Motivation

Jan Duane Jan_Duane@skaggscatholiccenter.org
Wed, 14 Jan 2004 14:05:00 -0700


I want to thank all of you so much for your responses.  I realized that I
had not posted these results that were sent to me from LM_NET.

Thanks again,


Joanne Benson Glasgow
Library Media Specialist
Evergreen High School
Seattle, WA  

We are using AR with most of the 9th graders, some of the ELL students and
some of our SpEd population.  Additionally several of the other English and
Alternative Ed people are on board.  What I like about the program is that,
once you know a students range (or ZPD) you can better target a book in
their ability level.  I've been surprised by students who on the surface
look like very successful, competent students who have abysmal reading
scores on STAR and vice versa!  I've had several "I hate to read! You can't
make me read" type students, who, once put into a book that was appropriate
to their reading level have found that reading is not only okay, but pretty
cool!  Success is contagious and this program has helped with that.

On the down side, I now have kids who will only read books that are AR, who
want to read maximum points no matter their reading level so they can get
the chore done faster (YIKES), and others who will only read if there is an
extrinsic reward attached (points, prizes, etc...)

Overall though I really like the program.  The conversations I'm having with
kids about the books they have read are much more substantive and


Polly Roberts, Med. Specialist
Winchester Community High School Lib.
Winchester, IN  47394

Our school is emphasizing literacy for PL221 and to do this we sponsor two
programs.  One is genre reading where students select a genre they like to
read such as mystery, sports, drama, romance, historical, etc.  We have
probably 16 genres to choose from.  Then they are assigned to a TAG class
once a week with other students reading the same genre (classes are mixed
grade-wise).  They go there every Monday for one semester and read (teacher
also must be reading).  Every 4-5 weeks they have a share day where the
kids are encouraged to share what they are reading.  Each week a log is kept
of pages read during TAG.  At the end of semester students get coupons for
pages read...we have a formula.  Then right before Christmas students put
there tickets into tubs in any manner they wish.  Each tub is for prizes
like a mall gift certificate ($50), gas ($50), tux rental for
prom, etc.  The second semester students switch to a second genre and start
the process all over again culminating in the draw at the end of the second
semester.  Along with this, three high schools in our area compete for
average pages read by students in each high school.  Students conference a
book when they finish.  This conference is very short and
just to prove they have read the material.  Books must be of their choosing,
not ones assigned in class.  We keep records and then each school reports at
the beginning of each month with stats.  Our students also get coupons each
semester for pages reported in this contest and those coupons can be used
for prizes in the genre drawing.  Our kids are excited and we learn more
about our own collection and student reading preferences this way.  It has
been worthwhile.