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Tue, 09 Dec 2003 12:05:54 -0700

Library Friends

Last week I was busy collaboratively teaching a core research unit to
juniors. They were beginning a research paper on an issue of national
importance. Standing in front of the class wearing my super searcher
cape I proceeded to hold forth on the concept of researching a topic of
interest. "Choose something you feel passionate about!", I declared. A
few minutes later I introduced the questioning process. "Don't give me
any stupid questions. Develop provocative questions. Ones that matter!"
After a pause a girl with a concerned look on her face asked me what the
word *provocative* meant. She was relieved to hear that it meant
something that provokes extreme interest. "Oh, I thought you meant
slutty, you know, passionate and provocative!" 

Hopefully, you are better able to communicate passion about research and
reading to your students.  Hopefully, you are passionate about the work
that YOU do as a librarian.  Hopefully, you love your job -- most of the
time. If you feel that passion and express enthusiasm to the students in
your school then some of that excitement will transfer into practice.
Practice that increases skills and the the love of learning.

We hope UELMA feeds that passion and renews your enthusiasm.  Here is a
site that may increase interest in readers. The Bettendorf Public
Library has a page that lists books in a series. Most of the books are
for teens but some may be appropriate for upper elementary. Does anyone
know of a good series site for children? 
Go to http://www.bettendorflibrary.com/teen/series.htm

Enjoy! I hope you get to read something just for you this holiday

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