[library-media] UELMA blog-ish

Fawn Morgan fmorgan@dsdmail.net
Mon, 17 Nov 2003 15:34:29 -0700

UELMA Library friends,

Last Friday I met with the UELMA board in West Jordan with people =
attending from as far north as Logan and as far south as St. George.  At =
5:00 everyone looked bright-eyed and acted excited about plans for the =
March convention. I must admit that at 8:15 p.m. most of us looked =
considerably more droopy (or would that be droopier?).  All of you have =
been on my mind over the weekend.  The database of Utah school librarians =
is coming along and I am having so much fun looking at your library web =
pages  --  some people actually go out on the weekends, I know.

Saturday I finished reading one of the books on my bedside pile.  Orson =
Scott Card is one of my favorite authors.  In Pastwatch Card's character =
Diko states, "Truth is all I have and truth is never a comfort.  But =
understanding truth, that is what you taught me to do.  So here is the =
truth.  What human life is, what it's for, what we do, is create communitie=
s . . .  And there are communities of communities and groups of groups . . =

It is no small thing when a school librarian * and by this term I include =
all self-described librarians, library media teachers, coordinators, =
specialists, aides, assistants, and technicians *  works to improve =
literacy, to instill an appreciation of reading, and to develop information=
 problem-solving skills.  In doing so we are doing what Card's heroine  =
goes on to state is a worthwhile life's work:  "We're going to give . . . =
a better chance of happiness, of having a good life . . ." =20

It is no small thing that as contributors to the UELMA organization we are =
strengthening a community that goes on to strengthen both district and =
school librarians. In turn school librarians strengthen the individual =
members of the smaller school community. I hope you will consider running =
for office in the UELMA organization. My personal experience has been that =
the board and committee structure provides sufficient support and =
expertise that the responsibilities can be fulfilled without extreme =
sacrifice or without extensive experience in the organization.  Serving in =
a UELMA position can even be a rewarding and fun experience, one that will =
strengthen and enrich your own life.  You can do it! It will be worth it! =
Be looking around, and inside yourself.  Please let me know if you might =
be interested in joining the action.  Also let me know if you have =
suggestions for a president-elect and two board members.     =20

Fawn Morgan
Library Media Teacher, Head Librarian, Jr. Class Advisor, Realms Club=20

Layton High School
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Layton, Utah  84041
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