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Fawn Morgan fmorgan@dsdmail.net
Thu, 23 Oct 2003 12:01:23 -0600

UELMA members,

Notes from the president elect:

If you're anything like me before last March --
you have no clue how UELMA functions. You just go to the UELMA convention =
in the spring to learn some, socialize some, network some, share some, and =
relax some. Perhaps you'd like to know more. Perhaps you feel responsible =
to give a little back "to the cause". If so, read on.

April through June:
I'm relaxing in the position with just a little intermitent stomach stress =
when I think what I've agreed to do. I remind the librarians in my =
district organization that I will be counting on them when my time comes =
to organize the convention.

Summer retreat. I find that my responsibility this year will be Elections.=

I meet the board which consists of:

*Past President Diane Stokoe who chairs the conference committee - from =
Salt Lake City;

*President Burke Belnap from Washington County who conducts the meetings;

*Kathy Moore, Secretary, from Washington County who takes all the minutes =
and compiles the records;

*Executive Director, Larry Jeppesen, from Cache County who schedules, =
pays, and more;

*Board members who are responsible for the regional conferences, Lynette =
Brady who represents the SE,
and *Kathy Moore who represents the SW part of Utah;

*Board member Julie Barlow, Recognition and Finance committees - from =
Cache Valley;

*Board member Susan Huff, Public Relations liason - from Salt Lake County;

*History Committee members Sheryl Burton, Board member - from Salt Lake =
and *Voni Rivas, AdHoc committee member - from Cache County;

*Jean Truman, board member, ULMS liason - from Cedar City (All these =
abbreviations get me confused right off the bat...)

*Jeff Cutler, board member, Vendor Rep - SIRS rep from Salt Lake County;

*Cindy Mitchell, ULA liason - from Salt Lake County;

*Randa Bruce, UCET liason - from Weber County;

*Linda Bethers, CLAU liason - from ?
or *Becky Lewis from Utah County (Ok, now I'm confused, please forgive me =
ladies -- so much to learn. Somebody straighten me out.);

*AdHoc committee members Bonnie Odd, Newsletter - from Cache County=20
and *Dave Harline, Web Page - Salt Lake County.

What a dedicated group!

More insiders info to follow.


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