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For your consideration.  gml

 <<I Belong Brochure.doc>> 

Georgia M. Loutensock
Curriculum Section
Utah State Office of Education
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                                 \b THE  'I BELONG'  EDUCATIONAL  =
\b The 'I Belong' education kit \b0 presents a way to teach character =
education in the classroom and in the home that is guaranteed to =
provoke thought and discussion between students and teachers/parents. =
What is the catalyst that makes this program so effective?  MUSIC.  =
Diverse styles of songs and performances that are original and fun.  =
Many of the songs on this CD were created from classroom workshops led =
by internationally known songwriter, \b Bob King\b0 .  Bob King is a =
composer/performer and a certified teacher/music specialist who has =
been working in schools for twenty years.  He has written many songs =
and produced nine albums.  Two of his songs, \b 'Sandwiches Are =
Beautiful' \b0 and \b 'Brother For Sale' \b0 were million sellers, the =
latter being a hit for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.  \b\par
\b0 This kit contains four things:  \par
-  a fourteen song CD with various musical styles\par
-  printed lyrics (with permission to copy)\par
-  a teacher's guide with topics for discussion and activities\par
-  karoake music tracks which will allow the children to sing the songs =
at assemblies or at concerts or in the classroom.  \par
This kit can be utilised on its own or integrated into a health or =
Social Studies curriculum.  It is generally aimed at students from =
grades two to seven, but certain songs can be adaptable for grades =
lower or higher than that. The kit has also been previewed and approved =
by the Saskatchewan Department of Education.  \par
Please note that the kit was \ul not designed as a part of a specific =
music program.\ulnone   The music may be enjoyed and performed and =
analysed from a musicas perspective, but the most important aspect of =
the kit is the \ul principles and positive attitudes \ulnone that are =
contained and hopefully 'felt' in the songs themselves.  The songs can =
be played as background music when time permits and then, hopefully, =
they will get to know them on an intuitive level.  The music addresses =
such topics as:\par
- \b  friendship  \b0 (song: Friends)\par
- \b  self esteem  \b0 (song:  I Belong)\par
- \b  perseverence  \b0 (song:  Try, Try, Try)\par
- \b  patience  \b0 (song:  Don't Grow Up Too Fast)\par
-  \b shared values  \b0 (song:  Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right)\par
-  \b bullying\b0   (song:  Lose That Tude)\par
-  \b respect \b0  (song:  Honor, Respect and Accountability)\par
- \b  working with others  \b0 (song:  Everybody Wins With =
-  \b being active  \b0 (song: Couch Potatoes)  \par
\i      "This collection of music focuses on universal principles of =
behaviour that are commonly shared among people of various ethnic, =
cultural and religious backgrounds.  Most children are aware of these =
good values that are, hopefully taught within the home, but I also =
think that there is a need for children to be reminded of them in =
occasionally in public situations and in a way that is not too =
authoritarian or condescending.  Positive reinforcment is important for =
children and especially in times when negative reinforcement and =
cynical attitudes are prevalent.  I am confident that this program will =
create a more positive and a more productive learning environment for =
students, teachers and parents."\par
\tab\tab\tab\tab\tab                                 - Bob King\par
\i0   \par
Music samples from this kit can be listened to by visiting the website =
at  \b\i www.thenewpaths.com\i0  \b0  and clicking on the link entitled =
 'character education'.  The kit costs $34.95 plus $3.00 for shipping =
and handling.  To be sent an order form please reply to this email. =
Thank you.\par
B.B. Robbins\par
Armchair Music\par