[library-media] Fwd: SL Tribune Archives...turned off

Rick Cline RCLINE@media.utah.edu
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Subject: SL Tribune Archives...turned off
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Pioneer Library Subcommittee,

Per our last Pioneer Library meeting, the SL Tribune Archives has been
officially turned off as of yesterday. The K-12 Schools web page will be
putting up a html webpage with the following message:

Utah's K-12 Schools no longer subscribes to the Salt Lake Tribune
Archives directly. However, you can still access the Salt Lake Tribune
Archives (back to August 1997) through EBSCO's "Newspaper Source"

To search the Salt Lake Tribune within EBSCO:

1) Click on the "EBSCO" link on the Pioneer Library web page
2) Click on "All Databases" then click on "Newspaper Source." 
3) Enter "Salt Lake Tribune" into the "Magazine" textbox under the
"Limit your results:" heading.
4) Enter your search term in the "Find:" textbox and click on the
"Search" button.

The Academic and Public Libraries may consider putting up something
similar. fyi

- Rick

Richard W. Cline
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