[library-media] Re: World Book launches new search engine

Rick Cline RCLINE@media.utah.edu
Fri, 15 Aug 2003 09:11:43 -0600

Attention educators, librarians, administrators, and others:

Here is some breaking news regarding a new search engine that World
Book will be launching on Saturday, August 16th. (See message below for
- Rick

Dear World Book Online Reference Center subscriber,

World Book Online Reference Center will launch an enhanced search
engine on August 16. The new search engine will allow users to search
the encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, media, and other content by
entering search terms in World Book's new single search box design.
Search results will be displayed on a newly designed page that gives
users an overview of the variety of resources available in World Book.
In addition, a new search options page will allow users to increase
their efficiency by offering several options, including searching by
phrase or Boolean operation.

We appreciate your interest in the World Book Online Reference Center
and look forward to finding new ways to serve you better.


World Book