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This is a great workshop!  gml  

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Subject: SOS: Media Literacy Workshop

WORKSHOP:  Media Survival: Teaching Media Literacy Skills in our Media Age
LOCATION: Salt Lake Center, 5250 Commerce Dr. (320 West), Salt Lake City
DATES:  July 7-11, 2003
CREDITS: 2 credits, INST 5750/INST6750
REGISTRATION: Call 801-269-9422

On the average, children spend more than 27 hours weekly viewing TV or
interacting with video games.  They are bombarded daily with media messages.
We must empower our children to interact critically and intelligently with
the media so that they can make wise choices on their own and balance media
use with other activities in their lives.  In this workshop we will define
media literacy, compare the values of the marketplace with the values of a
healthy society, challenge perceptions and stereotypes as defined by the
media, examine how media effects the self-image of young people, explore
effects of violence in the media, and learn tools for teaching media
literacy skills that help young people to analyze what they are viewing and
games they are playing.

We will do hands-on activities, most of which can be adapted to any grade
level. We will also look at a lot of videos and commercials and we will
examine media-related articles.  Guaranteed to be stimulating, high energy
and, at times, disconcerting and unsettling. This workshop is appropriate
for all educators, health professionals, youth group leaders, parents, or
anyone concerned with the effects of media in our society.

INSTRUCTOR:  Linda Bettinger is a library media teacher at Greenville
Elementary in North Logan.  As part of the Curriculum Revision Team, she
helped to incorporate Media Literacy into Utah's Elementary Library Core
Curriculum.  She has been nationally recognized for her media literacy
program with a grant from Children's Television Workshop.  She has been
teaching media literacy skills for over 10 years and she has taught seminars
and workshops at conventions throughout the United States.