[library-media] CultureGrams...to be added to K-12 Pioneer Library

Rick Cline RCLINE@media.utah.edu
Mon, 19 May 2003 12:07:46 -0600

K-12 Librarians, Administrators, and Others,

CultureGrams (http://www.culturegrams.com/) will be added to the K-12 =
Pioneer Library beginning July 1st, 2003. This decision was based on the =
overwhelming positive response we received from you when we trialed this =
product last March (your input does make a difference). Utah's public and =
private K-12 educators and students will have access to this library =
resource at school and at home. We will be planning some "train-the-trainer=
" type sessions in the latter part of September and will let you know the =
dates and times when we know more.

- Rick=20

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