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May 12, 2003


Instructional Services

The following part-time (20 hrs/week) position is now available: Closing =
date: Open until filled, (Salary Range: $15-20,000 at part-time)

Computer Professional (Training Specialist) #OR-14209

Qualifications:   A Bachelor's degree in education or a technology-based =
discipline or equivalency and three years of experience in education and =
technology required.  Demonstrated communication and organization skills =
and fluency with Internet and educational applications of technology =
Preferences: Experience in technology training and teaching in a workshop =
setting; ability to develop and sustain learning communities; experience =
conducting online courses; familiarity with UEN Internet resources =
including the Pioneer Online Library; experience integrating technology =
into subject area curriculum; understanding of computer networking =
concepts; ability to use presentation hardware and software; experience =
with web page design and knowledge of HTML or Macromedia web site creation =
products; ability to develop course content with guidance; demonstrated =
service orientation; familiarity with contexts of public education, higher =
education and the Utah Education Network.

Duties:  Teach current and new technology-related courses to an audience =
consisting mostly of public education employees.  Develop content and =
materials for technology-related professional development. Represent UEN =
products, resources and professional development at conferences, seminars =
and meetings as needed.  Travel to school sites and set up and take down =
training labs and equipment as necessary.  Actively participate in =
departmental planning and course and website development.  Recognize and =
support Professional Development and Instructional Services departmental =
goals including planning, implementation and promotion of projects. =20

To apply, please submit a University of Utah application and/or resume to =
the following: Applications can be submitted on-line at: www.hr.utah.edu =

	University of Utah Human Resources
	 420 Wakara Way, Suite 105
 Salt Lake City, UT 84108
 Phone: (801) 581-2169=20
 Fax: (801) 581-4579
 Email: employment@hr.utah.edu <mailto:employment@hr.utah.edu>

Equal Opportunity Employer

Christy Dunn
KUED/Utah Education Network
Human Resources Officer