[library-media] Media Literacy lessons

Loutensock, Georgia GLoutens@usoe.k12.ut.us
Wed, 23 Apr 2003 11:33:50 -0600

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Elementary personnel.

A video tape Best of 2001Gold Winners is included in the Media Literacy kits
for use in the 5th grade lessons.  The video is a collection of prize
winning commericals from around the world.  At the time the kits were sent
out a very strong disclaimer was included in the 5th grade lesson folder and
in the contents list regarding this video.  The video should be previewed
and segments carefully selected for use with students.  Some of the
commericals are not appropriate for use with students.  Please pass this
warning on to any teachers who might be using this video.  At the time the
kits were put together we could not receive permission to edit the tape.
Since that time Granite district has received permission and produced an
edited version.  If you want to replace the one you from the kit, contact
Rebecca Simmons at rebecca.simmons@granite.k12.ut.us 

Sorry for any problems you may have had.  We tried to alert people, but
apparently we failed.  gml

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