[library-media] FW: New way to find instructional television programs

Paula Zsiray paula.zsiray@cache.k12.ut.us
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 13:24:37 -0700

Please forward to educators in your area:

A wonderful new searchable Instructional Television schedule is up and 
running at <http://www.utahitv.org>

This website allows educators to quickly search the scheduled ITV 
programs on both KUED and KULC by title, grade-level, and/or Utah core 
curriculum area. Try searching for programs for 7th grade Health - 
you'll quickly see what a wealth of programming we have for teachers. 
The tool inclused an administrator tool where we can modify schedule 
information, program descriptions and add links to curriculum resources 
and other supporting materials for any series.

This project was over a year in the making and  involved resources from 
UEN Instructional Services, Technical Services, Public Information, KULC 
and KUED.  Our thanks to Cory Stokes, Steve Milam, Gary Diamond, Kyle 
Anderson and Brian Craven for the programming, database and SCOUT 
support on this project. Steve Spencer and Mike Elwell provided valuable 
user interface suggestions. Finally, thank you to everyone who tested 
pages, wrestled with SCOUT  or provided feedback to make this a fast and 
easy tool for finding ITV information.

We are already compiling a list of version 2 upgrades. If you have 
feedback, requests or content items for the Utahitv.org website, please 
send them to Cory Stokes (cstokes@uen.org) 585-0475. Enjoy!

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