[library-media] SEC help needed

Rosette' Acord racord@weber.k12.ut.us
Thu, 2 Jan 2003 08:11:32 -0700

UELMA will soon be here, and we need you.  We need you to share your ideas
at UELMA's five minute idea session.  Sometimes when we have figured out
something or learned something new, we just assume that we were the last one
to catch on and everyone else already knew it.  Don't believe it!  We need
you to share what tricks of the trade you have that help you accomplish your
job better, more efficiently, or just helps keep you sane.  Remember, UELMA
will be the first Thursday in March, (March 6) and it will be held in Ogden.
Please call me at 801-475-4069 or at home 801-476-8607 or reply to this
email.  We really need to hear from you.
Thanks in advance
Rosette' Acord
Bonneville High
Ogden, Ut.