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Did Margaret ask you to send this out? If not, would you send it to the
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To: Utah libraries
From: Margaret Landesman,Marriott Library, and Randy Olsen, BYU Lee

We would very much appreciate your assistance in forwarding this
announcement to your library communities.  A copy in Word is attached
which can be printed and posted.


It's ULA Award Nominations Time!  Due January 31.

Each year at the Annual Conference, ULA acknowledges a few of the most
outstanding contributors to library service in the state of Utah.  We
are seeking nominations.

The award categories are:

ULA Distinguished Service Award
As ULA's highest honor, the Distinguished Service Award each year
honors a person whose achievements in service to libraries are of the
highest caliber. It is not necessary to be a librarian to be eligible.
The winner's accomplishments must represent a sustained contribution
over a period of several years.
Librarian of the Year Award
Awarded to a librarian who has contributed through outstanding service
in the recent past. ("Librarian" is defined as someone who has worked in
a library or media center or has been involved in library science
education; not necessarily MLS). 

Special Services to Libraries Award
Honoring groups (library staffs, committees, library boards, similar
library groups) or individuals who have made significant contributions
in support of libraries or library service.  Sustained contributions
over several years or a notable effort over a shorter period of time
ULA Special Recognition Award
Honors a librarian (as defined above) who has contributed to the
profession as a whole and who has benefited the library community in
general over a period of many years.

Governors Award for the Promotion of Reading
Honoring a person or a group which has been of outstanding service in
promoting reading in Utah.

ULA Section Awards
ULA Sections and Round Tables may choose to honor a member with a
Distinguished Service recognition.  Any group considering an award this
year should contact the Awards Committee.

Nominations should be sent by January 31 to Margaret Landesman
(Margaret.landesman@library.utah.edu) or Randy Olsen
Please include the name of the award and a description of the nominee's

For further information and the names of previous recipients, see the
ULA home page at: