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The following E-mail Bulletin is going out today to all online customers and


No Need for Internet Filters with SIRS Databases

Content has always been of greatest concern to SIRS when developing its
For more than three decades SIRS has provided information to public and
school libraries throughout the world, first in print, then CD-ROM and then
online. SIRS has applied its time-tested techniques for selecting,
evaluating and organizing content to each of its databases.

Each article and Web site is carefully selected for its relevance,
credibility, reliability and age-appropriateness. SIRS editors with advanced
degrees in Library Science, History and English, evaluate newspapers,
magazines, government documents and other resources from around the globe,
including those of major universities, educational institutions, government
agencies and respected organizations. Editors then write summaries for each
article or Web site, which provide concise overviews of content and
authority. Our databases are updated daily to include new resources and
dynamically changing data, enabling users to access the most current
information available.

SIRS has developed a unique software program to monitor our databases,
including Web site changes throughout the day. When a content change is
detected on a Web site, this software instantly removes the site from the
product until our staff can personally review it. The site must then be
validated to assure that it still complies with our uncompromising selection

There is a great deal of concern expressed in the educational community
about inappropriate content on databases and the problems and inadequacies
with Internet Filtering. SIRS edits and monitors - providing peace of mind
to librarians, teachers and parents - so that filters are not necessary.

The following hyperlink is to an article that appeared in USA TODAY on Sept.
16, 2002, which discusses the problems of Internet filters in schools:


SIRS has developed a comparison study of its databases to other databases,
copies of this information can be obtained by writing to:

For more information and articles on Internet filters, please visit the FOOD
FOR THOUGHT section on our corporate Web site at www.sirs.com.

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